relaxed interiors for beautiful living


As a mother of three, Abby Guild McGill knows how busy days can get. The joyful chaos of life with children to raise, jobs to get to, meals to prepare can be overwhelming and we easily lose track of how instrumental our surroundings really are in enhancing, or diminishing, our well-being.

A home should be a sanctuary, a space to relax, connect and feel inspired, where function meets one’s practical needs and lifestyle. With a thoughtful approach, Abby helps her clients transform their homes into simply beautiful, nurturing, comfortable environments curated especially for their unique needs.


As conscientious

humans, it is only natural

that we create living

conditions for

ourselves that

feed our desire for an

organic, honest,

grounded existence.


The Studio

Abby Guild is a boutique interior design and decorating firm specializing in simply beautiful, unfussy spaces. With her experienced eye, Abby will assist you in realizing your vision for your dream home through a professional process, timely execution with respect to your budget while encouraging environmentally and health-conscious practices and products.


Your home should

feel comfortably

and personally yours,

where you can be both at peace and inspired.